I highly highly highly recommend Dr. Yair!

I have seen many dentists and had multiple complex dental treatments throughout my life and I have never had a positive experience like at Dr. Yair’s office where I recently underwent a tooth removal and a subsequent implant. Specifically, I would like to commend Dr. Yair on his exceptional bedside manner and kind comportment towards me. I would also like to mention that the procedures themselves were relatively painless and my recovery was very smooth, thanks to Dr. Yair’s solid clinical skills and recommendations. I highly highly highly recommend Dr. Yair!


December 07, 2015

Rating- 5 plus !!

I have just completed a full mouth restoration with Dr Soll. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. It truly transformed my smile. I started with a very gummy smile with square teeth and Dr Soll, together with Dr Lenga ( who did the crown lengthening procedure) created an exceptionally beautiful result. The staff led by Dr Soll and Dr. Lenga were well coordinated, efficient and punctual, and very accomodating and sensitve to my own busy schedule. Throughout the procedure Dr Soll ensured I was comfortable. He has a special wand for administering freezing that is truly the best needle I have ever received. He is very gentle and his work is quite extraordinary. Even his temporary caps were great looking. Throughout the procedure I was well informed and there was always a follow up post appointment to see if everything was ok. Can’t say enough about the result. Rating- 5 plus !!

BEFORE                                                                                                                             AFTER

Mrs. Debbie Rogers-Oct 5, 2015 823 AM (51385)


Mrs. Debbie Rogers-Oct 5, 2015 823 AM (51386)


October 22, 2015


Thanks for making the procedure as pleasant as possible!

“Thanks for making the procedure as pleasant as possible considering the circumstances.  Wish all dentists took the time you did to make sure I was comfortable and the procedure was as painless as possible.”


August 19, 2015



Dr. Lenga and his team exceeded my expectations!

“I was referred to Dr. Lenga when my gums began to recede to a point that merited seeing a specialist.  I already knew that I would probably require gum grafting which I imagined would be a painful surgery with a long recovery period so I was really not looking forward to visiting the Periodontist.   

When I visit any Doctor for the first time, I’m really looking for two things:  Was the staff professional and helpful?  Was the procedure a success?  I’m happy to say that Dr. Lenga and his team exceeded my expectations on both counts.  I was impressed that during my first consultation, he showed me a step by step video of how the surgery is done and answered all my questions in a friendly and helpful manner.   Once I decided to move forward with the grafting, one of his staff went over the cost of the procedure and explained what to expect throughout the surgery and recovery process.  I declined to use sedation and despite this I can honestly tell you that I felt almost no pain whatsoever during and after the surgery, just some soreness when the freezing agent started to wear off which could easily be remedied with some Advil.  It is now 3 months post-op and the area that was grafted has healed up and blended in beautifully with the surrounding area.  Things really couldn’t have gone much more smoothly and that’s all due to Dr Lenga’s surgical skill and the care and personalized service I received from his amazing staff.  Surgery was unavoidable in my case but thankfully this team made it as easy and pleasant  as possible.” 

Lee Dempsey

June 19, 2015



October 24, 2016