All on Four Implant Supported Dentures

All on 4 Dental Implants

What is an All-on-Four Implant Supported Denture?

Modern implant-based dentistry has provided a solution to the edentulous ‘toothless’ patient that traditional dentures have never been able to deliver – immediate functionality with substantially increased quality of life.


This is accomplished through a prosthesis held solidly in place by four dental implants (the “All-on-Four” Procedure) which not only provides the comfort and security a patient is likely to be missing with removable dentures, but as importantly also preserves bone in the jaw.


The “All-on-Four” procedure eliminates the day-to-day frustrations and discomforts of dentures, and patients can once again enjoy the dietary freedom of those with natural teeth. It is the most sophisticated solution there is to tooth loss and edentulism.


All-on-4 is specifically designed for individuals who have:

  1. Most or all teeth in poor condition
  2. Traditional dentures
  3. Need of full upper and/or lower teeth replacement.

Qualified patients receive as few as four implants and a set of new fixed implant-supported replacement teeth per arch, usually in one day!




What are the Benefits of  All-on-Four?

The major benefit to the All-on-4 procedure is how quickly dentures can be replaced with permanent implants and a fixed bridge. This efficiency treatment concept saves time and cost.


This “All-on-Four” solution is attractive to patients wanting to get rid of their dentures, and to people with failing teeth in need of a full upper and/or lower restoration.



What Steps are Involved for All-on-Four?

With the All-on-four Dental Implant Procedure, the patient has two consultation visits with our office to allow Dr. Yair Lenga and our Denturist to gather information for a treatment plan. A CT scan, x-rays, impressions, and photos are required to properly plan each case.


Following this consultation, the patient is scheduled for surgery implantation and the new temporary teeth are fitted and adjusted within 24 hours (even when extractions are necessary).


The patient will return for occasional check-ups over the next several weeks and months. After almost six months, when the gums have fully healed and the implants are fused to the natural bone, we will take new impressions of the patient’s mouth and prepare a final, stronger, permanent set of teeth adjusted to a perfect fit. This helps ensure the longest life of the teeth, and provide maximum support, beauty, and function to the patient.


All four titanium implants are placed so that the bone will grow around and secure them in place. With only four implants, there is much less invasive and lengthy surgery.


Once the implants are in place, the Periodontist attaches abutments to which the new replacement teeth can be secured. Our Denturist then fits the replacement teeth on the abutments and adjusts the bite for comfort
and a beautiful smile.


How Much does it Cost for All-on-Four?

We offer an all-inclusive approach that not only streamlines the procedure and saves you time, it also helps make All-on-Four dental implants as affordable as possible.


To help invest in your smile, St. Clair Perio offers a financing program for patients through a program with DentoPlan. DentoPlan is the only program designed exclusively for providing dental care financing; giving you immediate access to treatment.

If you have any questions about All on Four implants procedure, please contact us.